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International prices in webshops

Tweet The World Wide Web supposed to be an international network. Hence “the”  and “world” in it.  With exception of the Great Chinese firewall anybody in the world could see any information on any website. And, theoretically, anybody could buy any product from any website. I do understand why e-shops, selling real goods like books, […]

The role of e-commerce in your business

Tweet The more I think on the subject, the more I come to the same thought. e-commerce doesn’t exist as a separate discipline. Basically it’s just one of the parts of process called “sales” or even more abstract “business”. If I’d try to describe, what e-commerce do for your business it would be: ” improving the information […]

Catalog vs pricelist

Tweet Normally a catalog is the same as a price-list. Just  more pictures and info. You choose something from the catalog, write down the SKU and purchase it. That’s now distribution works. However, online the prices could be much flexible. Price is, at the end,  an instrument of marketing and online you can feel it’s power.. […]

Selling Retail vs online

Tweet Lets talk about selling computer software for consumer market. Two major ways to do it are – retail and online (there are more, but lets take the big ones). Retail – in this case I mean just simply boxes in the stores. Online – obvious. The biggest difference is in the approach to your […]

Good and Bad in Credit Card processing

Tweet Credit cards are good for online purchases. Everybody knows that. They’re popular, they’re fast, they’re convinient for the client. A lot of Payment Service Providers are dedicated mostly to credit cards only. But actually, for merchants, credit cards are the worst and least secure method for online payments. The authentication is week Third party […]

eCommerce v.s. “Making money online”

Tweet Both terms “eCommerce” and “Making money online” are relatively new and not good defined. The way I understand it, both are talking about earning some money with the help of the World Wide Web. But at some prospective they’re antagonists. eCommerce means selling something via Internet – goods, services, anything, which is produced. One […]