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How to get free antivirus software for 50 months

Tweet All antivirus software companies provide their solutions for free – absolutely legally, and they’re happy to do it. Sometimes they even pay affiliates to promote their free products. And the products work without any limitations. Just not for very long. For one or three months, sure. It’s called a trial. I’m sorry, I don’t […]

Free antivirus protection – is there such a thing as a free lunch?

Tweet A couple of years ago, Microsoft released a new free anti-virus product – Microsoft Security Essentials. A lot of people in the antivirus industry were afraid that Microsoft was going to kill the antivirus market. This hasn’t happened yet, despite the fact that Microsoft is performing OK in independent antivirus tests. But Microsoft’s is […]

Avira sense of humor

Tweet I don’t know if there is a joke is there a word in English language for ¬†something like “compulsory but made to appear as voluntary”. There is one in Russian. The literal translation would be ¬†“voluntary-compulsory”, but it doesn’t sound that funny. Yesterday I’ve tried a test installation of free antivirus from Avira. I’ve […]

Free Anti-Viruses Industry

Tweet A couple of days ago Microsoft came with a new free Anti-Virus product – Microsoft Security Essentials I will not comment on Microsoft ability to create security products, my opinion could be based of course. I’d like to write a bit about the whole idea of those Free Anti-Virus. Currently it’s not just a […]