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Resto Presto – gourmet food via internet

Tweet This weekend we came back to Brussels to finish some chores and have a nice evening out with our friends. However at the time we wanted to go to a nice restaurant, the +36 degrees heat suddenly changed to a thunderstorm. We do wanted to go somewhere nice with good cuisine, but didn’t want […]

Marketeers are telling stories

Tweet Marketers are telling stories, said Seth Godin. Actually he said, they’re all liars, but in a good way. They make story in their mind and telling it to the world. The story may or may not be true, it doesn’t really matters. But sometimes they get carried away in their stories and forget the […]

Cycling trips in ‘t-Gooi

Tweet Finally after a very cold and rainy 2 weeks we have something resembling spring. In the middle of May finally we got some sun (which we should have already seen in March). Isn’t it supposed to be global warming and greenhouse effect? Anyway, I’m expanding my bicycle trips in the beautiful region of Gooi. […]

Dostoyevsky spam

Tweet Just received a very nice spam comment a couple days ago. Tanya found my article about a Dostoevsky book great. And some video on youtube on the subject. Good job, Tanya, I couldnt suspect youtube is full of video about this novel! Share on Facebook