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Finally Google tracks conversion

Tweet We got it. I’m not 100% sure how, looks like order of functions is important for Google. Strange, it should not matter at all. Anyway, in order to receive the transaction data correctly, google scripts must be invoced in the following order: pageTracker._setDomainName(“”);          pageTracker._trackPageview(); (all _addTrans and _addItem calls) pageTracker._trackTrans();  Transaction must be tracked after the […]

Fight with google continues

Tweet Still we can not manager to install right codes to track Google transactions. I’ve already described a number of steps we’ve made here Sins then we’ve tried to change from one tag <script> into two and some other minor (seemingly useless) changes. At some point we’ve seed a flash of light at the end […]

3rd day fighting with Google Analytics

Tweet Already 3rd day we can not manage to force Google Analytics to count our e-commerce transactions. The goal was to count number of products, sold in our e-shop and number of downloads there. Google just shows 0. Specialist from Google Adwords Company thinking that the reason is a wrong domain name. First it appears […]

Good Bad and Evil Google

Tweet Yesterday I gave a 15-min presentation to mostly non-technical people about everything what we’re doing with Google. It came to just a few bullet points Google is number one because they really trying to find you the best and the most relevant  information possible. The most important for the relevance of the search results […]

Privacy and identity theft via webmail

Tweet Already many years Identity theft considered as a crime in USA and EU countries. Of course, it’s not a act of stealing, which is prosecuted, identity can not be stolen, just copied. It’s the act of using this information for criminal purposes, like obtaining credit, writing cheques, paying with credit card via Internet, etc. Free […]