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Nothing to report, just tapering

Tweet The last several blog posts and the next several ones will be quite boring. Taper is not the most exciting part of the training. I feel my performance is increasing. Monday’s 5 x 1 mile done with the marathon pace were very good. HR didn’t go higher than 150, which is technically a recovery […]

Rest week

Tweet Recovery is going very slow. By the beginning of next week I should be able to perform at my highest level. Next week starts the last and the longest mesa-cycle: race preparation. I’m going to have an interval ladder on Monday and 15 miles medium-long run on Tuesday. I will be able to do […]

This is actually harder than I thought

Tweet Ok, 5 days of physical bliss (153 snowboarding runs and 47 running miles in 5 days) was actually taxing.  I feel slightly tired and HRV shows a considerable decline in the form: All runs last week happened at 4200 ft above the sea level. Predictably, resting HR, measured in the mornings, shows a sharp decline. After […]

First signs of overtraining

Tweet The last couple of weeks I felt a little bit less motivated than usual. Work was hard and a bit stressful. I even had reservations before going to workouts. Was is just stress or signs of true overtraining? Let’s look at other parameters: training performance: High. I had a very nice tempo intervals workout […]