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Fraud with credit cards again

Tweet We’ve got again a number of products, bought via our e-store with stolen credit cards. Sins we’re sending our products – activation codes electronically per email, customers can supply bogus delivery address an still receive their code via a temporary gmail account. At this moment we have the following limits on our e-store: no […]

Payback time

Tweet If you want to know how to receive money via online transactions, you have to know, how to pay it back. Why refund? There are different reasons for paying customer their money back: (obvious) Customer is not happy about the product. In different countries there are different periods, when customer has right by law to […]

“Ideal” Online Payment method

Tweet In my previous post I’ve described 3 major modern online payment methods. Let met give more attention to the most modern one – iDEAL. iDEAL is one of the online payment methods which are using online banking with special tokens. Currently such methods are deployed by different European Banks. Of course each bank has […]

Past, present and future of online payments

Tweet   Pioneers sometimes pay more than their followers. It’s harder to be the first in any field, and in any industry as well. To be The First of course means  you’re also The Best, at least at the beginning. Pioneers invest heavily in R&D, infrastructure and they find methods to do what they do […]