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3 Steps in website management

Tweet Some time ago I’ve written that webmaster is an obsolete profession. For any website bigger that 5 pages there is no persons who can manage everything – from content to software installation. Even if we’re taking about information website without e-commerce or huge database, there are still several steps, which one needs to follow […]

New PC for home

Tweet Frist time sinds I sold my old private PC to my friends in the student campus in 1999 I’ve bought one! The last 10 years I got only PCs from work. 10 years ago I was able to find the best configuration, based on 486MMX processor for me, but now I was not sure. So, […]

Antispam vs email

Tweet One of the best thing I love about email – it’s predictability of delivery. You always (well, almost almost always) know if your email was delivered or not. Either your email shows up in the mailbox of the recipient or warning shows up in your mailbox. Nothing disappears in the middle. It could well be […]

Real Virus attack on corporate network

Tweet I’ve been working  for many years in a anti-virus company. Of course my view on computer viruses and incidents  is biased, but this angle could be interesting anyway.  Currently the anti-virus coverage within corporate networks is close to 100%. Within home users it’s estimated from 70% to 90%.  How exactly does infeactions happen in […]