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How to choose an antivirus solution in practice

Tweet (this¬†article¬†was originally written for Antivirus Direct) Choosing antivirus protection can be very difficult. The market is highly competitive and the products are on the leading edge of information technology. Antivirus vendors have both the knowledge (gained in day-to-day war with cybercriminals) and money to wage an epic brand battle on the field of the […]

To patch or not to patch

Tweet You always have to patch! Even if you finally insert a disk with Heavy Rain and get a message, that a patch of 1.1 gigabyte is available. How many bugs have they made if they need more that a gigabyte patch!! (yes, I know, they have added support of Move, it was a joke!) […]

Activation codes vs serial numbers

Tweet What is the difference between an activation code and a serial number. The biggest one is: One of them costs money and could be a product for your e-shop and another doesn’t cost anything. Activation codes are secret numbers, which are used to activate some software. Normally it happens online. The generation of activation […]

How to build channel from online clients. Part 2

Tweet This is the second part of the article about online channels. In the first part I’ve tried to explain what does “building online channel from online clients” mean. So, lets assume we have a standard distribution model. A few distributors, several dozens (or hundreds) resellers-retailers and we want to track which customer of which […]