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First winter run in Boston

Tweet And finally the Boston weather has shown us that it still can deliver. A big storm hit the North East last Thursday. Plus another 4 inches of snow on Friday. Plus another foot is coming as I write it on Sunday. I managed to put a 18-miler yesterday. The Carriage road was not cleaned […]

Ramp-up week

Tweet This week supposed to be a ramp-up week. The intensity and length of workouts don’t matter, I planned just to have workouts. Of course, it didn’t go that well. On Monday I supposed to have a smaller version of 8-mile track workout. Just a 8-mile slow long run. Unfortunately my higher cognitive functions are […]

First impressions on the Boston Marathon route

Tweet Yesterday I did a 22-miler on the Boston marathon route. In fact I’ve been already running parts of the route for several months. But I was contained to miles 16-25. They are the hardest because they contain the famous Newton hills. But this time I got to the starting line and did miles 1-22. […]

Rest week end

Tweet It looks like 2 days of full rest helped. HRV is back to normal, it was 9.0-9.4 after the rest days. Resting HR is still high, but I’m not sure which one is more relevant. Weight is a couple of pounds higher than the race weight, but I specifically ate a bit more than […]

Halfway through the training cycle: 12MP test

Tweet I’m half way through the Pfitz 18/70 plan. Actually even more than half is done, the second 9 weeks will be easier. They will include one recovery week and three weeks of taper. So just 5 hard 68-70 mileage weeks. Yesterday I did a monster long run: 16 miles with 12 miles marathon pace. The […]

This is actually harder than I thought

Tweet Ok, 5 days of physical bliss (153 snowboarding runs and 47 running miles in 5 days) was actually taxing.  I feel slightly tired and HRV shows a considerable decline in the form: All runs last week happened at 4200 ft above the sea level. Predictably, resting HR, measured in the mornings, shows a sharp decline. After […]

Miami SoBe run

Tweet Last Saturday I checked off one more “iconic” US run from my list. Actually I’m not sure it is iconic, I made it up myself. In any case, if you’re building the list of places to run,  Miami South Beach promenade should be on it. It was the first official long run during this marathon […]