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Failed MP-run

Tweet I was not able to do 12 miles at marathon pace during the long run yesterday. The legs were just not up to it. Also, usually I have a tailwind in the first half, if I run the Boston Marathon course towards the start, but yesterday it was the opposite. For the first half […]

Final pre-race test workout

Tweet The best pre-race test workouts are the most specific to the race. What could be more specific to a marathon, than a long run? An MP (Marathon Pace) long run! Last time, about a month ago I did a 12 miles MP run (16 overall). It didn’t go too good, I was almost there, but not […]

Difference between long run pace and marathon pace

Tweet What should be the difference between your long run pace and your marathon pace?  There is no simple answer . It all depends on your athletic ability. When I was preparing for my first marathon, my long run pace was about 8:20/mile and the goal marathon pace was 8:00/mile. The difference was not very […]