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Tired legs vs tired aerobic system

Tweet I am not sure if there is a difference between tired muscles and tired “aerobic system”. Sometimes when you fail to keep up during  a hard workout different parts of your body limit the performance.. Sometimes the heart rate spikes to your limit and you just have to slow down. But other times you […]

Pfitz 12/70 start

Tweet The ramp-up weeks are behind me. I’m actually quite happy with the progress. Despite a disappointing half-marathon, the workouts are looking better than ever. I do my long runs around 7:20-7:30 pace, looking to dropping to 7:10 during the next weeks. I was able to hold 6:20 for 4 miles of an LT run. […]

Recovery period and ramp-up period.

Tweet Two-week recovery period is done. I’m feeling pretty good physically and may be around A- mentally. Last week I’ve done just 35 miles of running, 2 swim workouts and 1 spin session. Overall about 8 hours of training. It doesn’t sound like a completely recovery, lets call it “active recovery”. I even had a […]

Plan for the next marathon cycle

Tweet I rounded up the plan for the next marathon cycle. It will be very similar to the previous one, which was quite successful (a sub-3 hours Boston Marathon). The main goal for the cycle is a guarantied entry to New York Marathon, which means  a sub 2:58 marathon for me. The base of the […]

Second 22-miler

Tweet The compound tiredness of the last weeks is still there. The second 22-miler in the row was much harder than the first one. Even before the start, I felt more tired than last week. There were also several other adverse conditions: rain and unexpected 45 min worm-up brick, consisted of 3 mile bike and 1 […]

Taper week 1

Tweet This week is the first taper week before the race. Like last one, it also contains a 22-miler at the end.  But the overall mileage is much lower, around 52-54 miles (as opposite to 70 last week). Usually, even if the week is relatively easy, this rest doesn’t start on Monday. On Mondays I have […]