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Omniture Search Center training

Tweet Just got a 1 hour webex training from Omniture about one of their solutions – Search Center. Basically it’s a framework, that uses different SEM-engines, like Google Adwords, Bing Paid Search, etc. It allows to synchronize data from all those different systems and perform a couple of nice operations: Portfolio Manager (you just give […]

web-statistics as a craft

Tweet Some time ago, as a technical person, I couldn’t understand the complexity of the whole subject of web  statistics and analytics.  Web-statistics – measuring how many pages were visited and when Web-analytics –  trying to understand what it means  When you know little, it’s always easy to build a logical solid theory about something. […]

Delivering message about your software product

Tweet Recently I’ve got a 2-days training from Omniture (hope to write more about it tomorrow). My question as a person, trying to sell online the software was: “How to deliver the message to the customers”. In more details, I wanted to know, how to tell people more about product, how to find out, what […]