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Intra-European payment and VAT

Tweet In every European country, if you buy something, you have to pay Value Added Tax (or VAT) It ranges per country from 15 till 25% per country. If you’re a private person, you just have to pay it, no matter what. If you’re a company or self-employed, you can deduct this tax via complex procedure […]

Past, present and future of online payments

Tweet   Pioneers sometimes pay more than their followers. It’s harder to be the first in any field, and in any industry as well. To be The First of course means  you’re also The Best, at least at the beginning. Pioneers invest heavily in R&D, infrastructure and they find methods to do what they do […]

Good and Bad in Credit Card processing

Tweet Credit cards are good for online purchases. Everybody knows that. They’re popular, they’re fast, they’re convinient for the client. A lot of Payment Service Providers are dedicated mostly to credit cards only. But actually, for merchants, credit cards are the worst and least secure method for online payments. The authentication is week Third party […]