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Tweet Strasbourg is one of  the most beautiful cities in Europe. It’s located in wine region of Alsace, on the border of France and Germany. Very nice architecture – mix of typical Alsace style walls and Parisian style city buildings. Food is also very good, mix of french and German cuisine – one of the […]

Monkey mountain

Tweet People like to watch monkeys and apes. They’re so similar to us and yet so different. The funniest part are human emotions, which you could guess on their faces. I can watch them for hours! There is a very nice attraction in the hills of Alsace, called Montagne des Singes (Monkey mountain). It’s a […]

Ommegang in Brussels

Tweet Every year in the summer Brussels celebrates Ommegang. It’s a kind of medieval parade, representing official entering of a king into one of his subject cities. In this situation it was emperor Charles 5 in 1549, which entered the Brussels with dozens of other kings from the whole Europe. During couple of days there […]

Photos of Gent

Tweet Almost all travel guides agree that Brugge (or Bruges) is the most beautiful city in Belgium. I think that’s because all the nice old buildings are conveniently located in one small area – the old city center. However, my first impression of Gent was much better. Yes, the old churches and castles are located […]

Sunny Brussels

Tweet Even Brussels could be nice when it’s sunny (it’s a joke!) Saint-Michael cathedral Big Sablon Church Center of the city Music instruments museum King’s square King’s palace (although he almost never visits it) Share on Facebook

Renovation photos

Tweet Two and a half years ago my wife and I bought a house in Brussels. It was not in very good shape and 2 floors from 3 were rented out. Half year we collected our money and tried to let our tenants go. And then, the renovation began! As it sometimes happens in the […]


Tweet Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful city’s in the world. In my classification it’s  simply the most beautiful (with second being San Francisco). When I’ve moved to Amsterdam around 10 years ago, I used to spend all weekends just walking on the streets. Amsterdam is not just Red Light District and coffee-shops, its […]

Photos from Zurich

Tweet During our long weekend in Baden we’ve come to our friend in Basel. On Saturday we wanted to have a walk in a nice city for the whole day. Unfortunately Basel is not the best choice – the old part is to small, so we went to Zurich. Actually Bern was our first choice, because the […]

Long weekend near Basel

Tweet I just came back from the long weekend (4 days) near Basel. Just north of Basel lays Baden – the most known region for german white wine And this is Basel itself (they do understand what BIG cappuchino means) Soon more photo’s and not from telephone Share on Facebook

Monterrey, California

Tweet Just uploaded some photo’s from Monterrey Bay – touristic place near San Francisco Share on Facebook