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Recovery after 18-miler

Tweet I have never done an 18-miler before. Usually I don’t really need any recovery after a half-marathon. I can even do an interval session on the next day and be productive. After a full marathon I normally need a lot of recovery. For at least 2 weeks without any hard workouts. 18-miler supposed to […]

Ramp-up week

Tweet This week supposed to be a ramp-up week. The intensity and length of workouts don’t matter, I planned just to have workouts. Of course, it didn’t go that well. On Monday I supposed to have a smaller version of 8-mile track workout. Just a 8-mile slow long run. Unfortunately my higher cognitive functions are […]

Misery Challenge or last brik?

Tweet Recovery from the Century Ride is going slower than I expected. Today is Wednesday and first time I had a quality workout: 8 miles with 6 miles at Marathon Pace in between. Assuming my Marathon Pace will be my race pace for the Half-Iron, this was actually one of the few race-specific workouts. During the […]

The worst week since 2014

Tweet Last week was probably the worst week since I had a series of injuries after my second marathon. That time I remember I wasn’t able to walk to work and took Hubway. This time there were no injuries, just flu. I wasn’t able to sleep properly for 4 nights.  Every time after a marathon I […]

Transition period

Tweet The first week after the marathon went uneventful. Physically I’m recovering very nicely. I did 2 runs: 6 and 13 miles, one swim and an 1-hour spinning session. I felt a bit tired at the end of the swimming session, but otherwise hit the targets. The 13-miler on the 5th day after the race […]


Tweet I have never heard so many congratulations after a race. This is probably one of the part of why Boston Marathon is so special. For Bostonians it’s not just a running race, it is a huge event, full of meaning. I feel OK physically, although calves and quads are still very sore. A little […]