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Rest week or hard week

Tweet I supposed to have a rest week, but instead I feel very very tired. The main reason was the 18-mile race I did last Sunday, of course. I had to do some shifts in the training and move medium-long run to the end of the week. As a result I had a beautiful three […]

Pitch Pine Tri and rest week

Tweet The last week was the easiest week in a while. I logged just about 4 hours of workouts, not counting yoga recovery sessions. So let’s call it a recovery week. I supposed to have one coming up, but I’m going to replace it with a long week, full of swimming and briks. Pitch Pine […]

Rest helps

Tweet So far it looks like 4 days of rest (with one 15-miler) really helped. Weight is back to normal. Sleeping is very good, I almost always wake up by myself before the alarm. HRV is higher and the changes make sense. I crushed a monster interval workout on Monday.  We had 5 miles of very fast […]

Rest week end

Tweet It looks like 2 days of full rest helped. HRV is back to normal, it was 9.0-9.4 after the rest days. Resting HR is still high, but I’m not sure which one is more relevant. Weight is a couple of pounds higher than the race weight, but I specifically ate a bit more than […]

Rest week

Tweet Recovery is going very slow. By the beginning of next week I should be able to perform at my highest level. Next week starts the last and the longest mesa-cycle: race preparation. I’m going to have an interval ladder on Monday and 15 miles medium-long run on Tuesday. I will be able to do […]