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Woken Furies

Tweet With regret I have to say that Richard Morgan is most probably not the Gibson of 21-st century. “Woken Furies”, the third book of Takeshi Kovacs series is following the downhill from “Altered Carbon” to “Broken Angels“. This time the ex-super soldier returns to his homeworld and tries to resolve some horrible conflicts there. […]

Broken Angels by Richard Morgan

Tweet Broken Angels is the sequel to “Altered Carbon” by newest cyberpunk idol Richard Morgan. Takeshi Kovac┬áhas again some nano- and megaenimies to crush with his “envoy conditioning”. This book is less brutal and less sex-oriented. Actually it’s more sci-fi-oriented than the first one. We are getting more and more inside into the world of […]

Altered Carbon

Tweet Altered Carbon is a dark cyberpunk novel by Richard Morgan. At the time, when most of the bestsellers are talking about vampires, catholics or wizards, it’s nice to find a good old-school science fiction action novel. Richard Morgan is the flagship of cyberpunk of the first decade of 21 century (as was William Gibson […]