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Speed workouts

Tweet Last Monday I had one of the most crushing workouts ever.  Crushing in a sense “hard to recover from”. After a fast (7:24/mile) and hilly (700+ feet) 13-miler on Sunday we had a relay-type speed workout on Monday. Speed workouts are the worst to recover from and relays are even worse. I always have […]

Running in Japan

Tweet Last 2 weeks I was on vacation in Japan. I didn’t really want to spend time on finding places for swimming and biking, so I just ran. During 12 days I had 7 runs: 1 Yasso-800, one 45-min tempo run, two 13-milers and a couple of recovery 6 mile runs. Due to jet lag and […]

Final pre-race test workout

Tweet The best pre-race test workouts are the most specific to the race. What could be more specific to a marathon, than a long run? An MP (Marathon Pace) long run! Last time, about a month ago I did a 12 miles MP run (16 overall). It didn’t go too good, I was almost there, but not […]

Sore throat: a day off?

Tweet Last night I had troubles falling to sleep because of throat pain. I think my immune system let a little virus in. In all other aspects I feel fine, the last two quality workouts felt hard but I showed nice performance. Today I supposed to do a double: 4 mi in the morning, 6 mi […]

Negative Pa:HR

Tweet Week 2 out of 5 of the last meso-cycle is done. I’m still riding the power I got from 4 days of rest two weeks ago. Performance during all runs was very good. There were 3 long (-ish) runs last week: 14 mi. Pa:Hr -1.99% 13 mi. Pa:Hr -6.28% 18 mi. Pa:Hr 1.1% Pace: Heart […]

First impressions on the Boston Marathon route

Tweet Yesterday I did a 22-miler on the Boston marathon route. In fact I’ve been already running parts of the route for several months. But I was contained to miles 16-25. They are the hardest because they contain the famous Newton hills. But this time I got to the starting line and did miles 1-22. […]


Tweet Tonight I woke up in horror. It was 3am, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. I am usually not afraid of rain. Or thunder. Or lightning.  Probably never was. What I was afraid of is to run a tempo run in 2.5 hours in rain and thunder. And I am usually not afraid to run […]

Rest week end

Tweet It looks like 2 days of full rest helped. HRV is back to normal, it was 9.0-9.4 after the rest days. Resting HR is still high, but I’m not sure which one is more relevant. Weight is a couple of pounds higher than the race weight, but I specifically ate a bit more than […]

Difference between long run pace and marathon pace

Tweet What should be the difference between your long run pace and your marathon pace?  There is no simple answer . It all depends on your athletic ability. When I was preparing for my first marathon, my long run pace was about 8:20/mile and the goal marathon pace was 8:00/mile. The difference was not very […]

Burned out during the swim

Tweet Today is supposed to be a rest day. Swimming in the morning  and 5 miles recovery jog in the evening. In the morning I  got burned out during the masters swimming workout. For about 40 min I was leading my lane with some moderately difficult IM-style intervals, some of them 300-yard long. And then the […]