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This is actually harder than I thought

Tweet Ok, 5 days of physical bliss (153 snowboarding runs and 47 running miles in 5 days) was actually taxing.  I feel slightly tired and HRV shows a considerable decline in the form: All runs last week happened at 4200 ft above the sea level. Predictably, resting HR, measured in the mornings, shows a sharp decline. After […]

Dancing around Boston winter storms

Tweet Boston just had its third snowfall yesterday. Still not a full blown storm that makes the roads unruneable. We were very lucky this time. A huge Hollywood-proportions storm hit the Eastern US, but this time Boston was out of the main snowfall. We had may be less than a foot last night and it will […]

First sick day off

Tweet Before I started running I usually had some flu-like symptoms for a week every year. It was kind of normal to feel like crap for a whole week. Last 4 winters sometimes I notice my body fighting one virus or another for a day. May be even for half of a day. Last night was […]

1st mesocycle of Pfitz 18/70 is done

Tweet 5 weeks of the Boston Marathon training is done, 13 more to go! I completed the first “meso-cycle” of the Pfitzinger 18/70 plan, which supposed to be focused on endurance only. However I am following up a customized version. It started from a nice 3-month endurance period already, so I added more intervals and […]

Plantar Fasciitis and new shoes

Tweet I haven’t had any big or medium injuries since June 2014. By medium I understand the situation when I had to stop running for one week. That summer I started to follow daily strengthening routine and it proved to be very successful. From time to time I have pains in Achilles tendon or feet, but […]

Miami SoBe run

Tweet Last Saturday I checked off one more “iconic” US run from my list. Actually I’m not sure it is iconic, I made it up myself. In any case, if you’re building the list of places to run,  Miami South Beach promenade should be on it. It was the first official long run during this marathon […]

First signs of overtraining

Tweet The last couple of weeks I felt a little bit less motivated than usual. Work was hard and a bit stressful. I even had reservations before going to workouts. Was is just stress or signs of true overtraining? Let’s look at other parameters: training performance: High. I had a very nice tempo intervals workout […]

New Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate monitor

Tweet A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new HRM – Scosche Rhythm+. Long before that I  had some negative experience with optical HRMs. The first Mio Link didn’t really worked on me. Scosche arrived last week and I had a chance to do several runs with it. I have to say it’s much better […]

Fall 2015 training cycle

Tweet Last summer I planned to squeeze another marathon training cycle between September and December 2015, but changed my mind at the end. There are many different basic things I wanted to improve before starting 3 full cycles in 2016. These are the areas I focused on: Learning how to ride with power on aerobars. It […]

Unexpected half-marathon PR

Tweet Today I race the last half-marathon in the 6-pack challenge. Six half marathons on the rolling hills of Boston North Shore. The best New England can provide: chilly, hilly and windy. I had to do some hill training before the Boston Marathon anyway. I was targeting 1:26 in order to apply this result to one of […]