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Antivirus Direct – Information overload

Tweet When I  started the first version of , I tried to represent the data in the minimalistic way. The less steps user needs to perform to get all the information, required for the analysis  – the better. One page per product sounded like a good idea. Well, I didn’t think there are so many antivirus […]

3 Steps in website management

Tweet Some time ago I’ve written that webmaster is an obsolete profession. For any website bigger that 5 pages there is no persons who can manage everything – from content to software installation. Even if we’re taking about information website without e-commerce or huge database, there are still several steps, which one needs to follow […]

Good Bad and Evil Google

Tweet Yesterday I gave a 15-min presentation to mostly non-technical people about everything what we’re doing with Google. It came to just a few bullet points Google is number one because they really trying to find you the best and the most relevant  information possible. The most important for the relevance of the search results […]