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5 days of physical bliss

Tweet And its this time again. I’m in Salt Lake City for 5 days of snowboarding during the day and running in the evening. This time I made slight adjustments. Every day will start with 30 min of yoga. I think it really helps to warm the body up for the snowboarding. Today I felt great […]

This is actually harder than I thought

Tweet Ok, 5 days of physical bliss (153 snowboarding runs and 47 running miles in 5 days) was actually taxing.  I feel slightly tired and HRV shows a considerable decline in the form: All runs last week happened at 4200 ft above the sea level. Predictably, resting HR, measured in the mornings, shows a sharp decline. After […]

Snowboarding and high-altitude running. Day 2

Tweet Third day out of five of pure physical bliss! Snowboarding during the day and running during the evening. I’m writing it in the morning of day 3. First two days were tough but I loved every second. Finally in the 5th season of snowboarding it actually feels like fun. I have horrible balance skills and […]

Snowboarding season open

Tweet Some of the White Mountains ski resorts are trying to open their seasons on Thanksgiving.  Usually it means one lift and a couple of slopes. Probably it is  for those people, who really want to stand on skis or a snowboard a little bit. Today is already a month and a half later and […]