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Mashpee super swim: 1 year later

Tweet Yesterday I swam the Mashpee Super Swim 1 mile race for the second time. 2015 result:  25:11 2016 result: 29:34 Looks like a major WTF situation. I’ve spend all 52 weeks between the races doing master swimming program 1-2 times per week. I have progressed from “struggling on lane 4” to “leading line 4”. […]

Spinning intervals

Tweet Recently I noticed a major difference between a running training program and a cycling one. It is a number of quality interval sessions per week. For a marathon training you usually do one. May be a tempo-run as a second one. In a cycling program you do 3-4 per week minimum.  Apparently absence of impact stress […]

Burned out during the swim

Tweet Today is supposed to be a rest day. Swimming in the morning  and 5 miles recovery jog in the evening. In the morning I  got burned out during the masters swimming workout. For about 40 min I was leading my lane with some moderately difficult IM-style intervals, some of them 300-yard long. And then the […]

Long corse

Tweet The main MIT Swimming pool switched from 25 yards to 50 meters for the winter. I have no idea why, it’s just their thing. It is always a bit depressing to see your pace drop down from 1:35 for 100 SCY (short course yards) to 1:50 for 100 LCM (long course meters). But it […]

Fall 2015 training cycle

Tweet Last summer I planned to squeeze another marathon training cycle between September and December 2015, but changed my mind at the end. There are many different basic things I wanted to improve before starting 3 full cycles in 2016. These are the areas I focused on: Learning how to ride with power on aerobars. It […]