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Cycling around Hilversum

Tweet Last weekend the Dutch weather stoke back at us. Planned 2 months in advance cycling trip around Hilversum was put in grave danger by a rain. Rain is the only condition, which could make cycling unbearable.¬†Even the nicest parts of ‘t-Gooi looked like this: We’ve made 54 km with 2 beer-stops in the middle […]

Cycling around Hilversum Part 2

Tweet It may be very well the last week completely filled with posts about books and cycling, so I’ll enjoy it. This is the second part of pictures, made in (arguably) the most beautiful cycling region of Netherlands. The first part is there This time I’ve made a circle around and within a cluster of […]

Cycling around Hilversum

Tweet Finally I get my camera on one of those short trips around Hilversum. I want to make a number of posts with a lot of pictures from what is called “Garden of Amsterdam”. All those are made from cylcing roads withing the North-Holland cycling network. The points of those cycling networks and planning could […]

Cycling trips in ‘t-Gooi

Tweet Finally after a very cold and rainy 2 weeks we have something resembling spring. In the middle of May finally we got some sun (which we should have already seen in March). Isn’t it supposed to be global warming and greenhouse effect? Anyway, I’m expanding my bicycle trips in the beautiful region of Gooi. […]

first bicycle test in 2.5 years

Tweet It was almost impossible to ride bicycle for fun in Brussel. Too many hills, too many cars. Fortunately nothing happens with steel and carbon after 2.5 years in the cellar. I just had to pump the tires and ready to go! First trip in Hilversum showed that the ‘t Gooi area is still most […]