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1st week of taper

Tweet The fist week of taper went just fine. The only problem was the Northeastern weather trying to screw up my weekend. A day with a rain and a day without a rain were promised. I planned a 10-mile run for a rainy day and a 25 mile ride for a dry one. And yes, the […]

Upgrade to 3rd lane

Tweet Workouts during the taper should be short but intense. In attempt to follow this rule I have upgraded from line 4 to line 3 in my Masters swimming group. The lane distribution in our group looks like this. Usually we have a lot of people in the first two lanes. Those guys and girls […]

Here comes taper!

Tweet Three hard weeks of training is done, it’s finally time for a taper. I usually welcome it, because the week before taper are the hardest ones. The three week’s cycle was quite successful. I manage to do a number of race-pace workouts and dial down on mileage a bit. As a result, I don’t […]

Taper weekend

Tweet One week before the Half Ironman and it’s time to taper! I will write more detailed pre-race report at the end of next week, today just a short review of the taper weekend. At this point in the training I need to make sure I’m not overtrained and ready to crush the race. Looking […]

Physiological and psychological taper

Tweet Physiologically the tapering is going great. I’m crushing latest workouts. Well, what’s not to crush: 3 x 1 mile Marathon Pace or 7 miles recovery pace? 1000m swim under 1:30/100m? So, I’m pretty happy with taper progress. Psychologically – probably not so much. I feel OK, but I think I’m over-stressed. Way too much […]

Nothing to report, just tapering

Tweet The last several blog posts and the next several ones will be quite boring. Taper is not the most exciting part of the training. I feel my performance is increasing. Monday’s 5 x 1 mile done with the marathon pace were very good. HR didn’t go higher than 150, which is technically a recovery […]

Second 22-miler

Tweet The compound tiredness of the last weeks is still there. The second 22-miler in the row was much harder than the first one. Even before the start, I felt more tired than last week. There were also several other adverse conditions: rain and unexpected 45 min worm-up brick, consisted of 3 mile bike and 1 […]

Taper week 1

Tweet This week is the first taper week before the race. Like last one, it also contains a 22-miler at the end.  But the overall mileage is much lower, around 52-54 miles (as opposite to 70 last week). Usually, even if the week is relatively easy, this rest doesn’t start on Monday. On Mondays I have […]

Triathlon 2.0: Measuring marathon training

Tweet Yesterday I finished reading Triathlon 2.0. I really liked the book and learned a lot from it.  As everything, related to triathlon, more than a half of the book is dedicated to cycling, but it does include valuable information for marathon running. The most important things I learned so far: I didn’t realize you […]