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1st week of taper

Tweet The fist week of taper went just fine. The only problem was the Northeastern weather trying to screw up my weekend. A day with a rain and a day without a rain were promised. I planned a 10-mile run for a rainy day and a 25 mile ride for a dry one. And yes, the […]

Here comes taper!

Tweet Three hard weeks of training is done, it’s finally time for a taper. I usually welcome it, because the week before taper are the hardest ones. The three week’s cycle was quite successful. I manage to do a number of race-pace workouts and dial down on mileage a bit. As a result, I don’t […]

Indian summer

Tweet Global warming has not screwed the weather enough to cancel Indian Summers. I wonder if it’s still politically correct to use this term for the unusually warm weather in October. But anyway, it’s here. Today the temperature will hit 80F (27C) in Boston. It will not affect my training much. Unfortunately it’s still dark […]

Misery Challenge or last brik?

Tweet Recovery from the Century Ride is going slower than I expected. Today is Wednesday and first time I had a quality workout: 8 miles with 6 miles at Marathon Pace in between. Assuming my Marathon Pace will be my race pace for the Half-Iron, this was actually one of the few race-specific workouts. During the […]

Need to survive a moving week.

Tweet This week we’re moving from our condo in the center of Boston to a house in the west of Newton. In my planning I pretty much scratched this week off the calendar. However it looks like I will be able to squeeze some workouts in. The big packing started on Saturday and we supposed […]