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The biggest performance cheat I know

Tweet The best way to improve your athletic performance is to take a vacation. Nothing providers more result than not going to work for a week. Not even a proper tapering. On vacation you don’t have to limit yourself or plan anything specific to relax. You can do whatever you want: run, drink, walk the […]

Brno, Czech Republic

Tweet The last 3.5 days I’ve spend in a hot hills of Czech Republic. It’s my first time, and actually, it was only work, work, work. No time to sightseeing. The only thing’s I’ve noticed are: It’s a very clean and bright country. Apparently they’ve spend a lot of money, cleaning the centers of old […]

Photos of Gent

Tweet Almost all travel guides agree that Brugge (or Bruges) is the most beautiful city in Belgium. I think that’s because all the nice old buildings are conveniently located in one small area – the old city center. However, my first impression of Gent was much better. Yes, the old churches and castles are located […]

Security in airports is returning to normal

Tweet It was a great time before 9/11 and the whole “War against terror” thing. We all believed traveling will be easier and easier, Intra-European flights were almost the same as their Intra-American analogs – an expensive bus ride. Easy to check in, easy to fly. Of course everything changed after we realized we live […]

North See cycling road – Haarlem-Den Haag

Tweet Just posted an article on the site of Dmitry “Goblin” Puchkov with some pictures and story about 60-km cycling trip along the North Sea. Link to the article (in russian) Google map shows >37.000 hits in just 2 days, wow! Although a number of comments was not that huge. I should add more controversial […]

Auggen, Germany

Tweet Auggen is a small village on the German bank of Rein. It’s a part of famous white wine region. This region is divided by the Rein river to French and German parts. Before the second world war it was a part of Germany, but after Germany’s defeat western part become France. This part is […]

Photos from Zurich

Tweet During our long weekend in Baden we’ve come to our friend in Basel. On Saturday we wanted to have a walk in a nice city for the whole day. Unfortunately Basel is not the best choice – the old part is to small, so we went to Zurich. Actually Bern was our first choice, because the […]

Long weekend near Basel

Tweet I just came back from the long weekend (4 days) near Basel. Just north of Basel lays Baden – the most known region for german white wine And this is Basel itself (they do understand what BIG cappuchino means) Soon more photo’s and not from telephone Share on Facebook

San Francisco Vacation Part 1

Tweet In my own rating of the most beautiful cities San Francisco shares the first place with Amsterdam. I’m talking about the natural beauty, the one, which makes you just walk and enjoy on normal, usual streets. Thouse photos were taken in may 2008 in San Francisco.                  […]